Ruby Spencer is available to perform at private parties, corporate events, and more! Full video of acts available upon request.  For booking and rates, contact Ruby with your event details.


My Discarded Men

A classic strip tease featuring a flowing dressing gown and sparkling lingerie in blues and greens. Ruby's signature act performed as a slow tease to Eartha Kitt's "My Discarded Men".


Hub Caps & Tail Lights

Full of bumps and grinds, this act brings all the shimmies needed.  No props necessary with this act - it's all in the costume.  Performed to Henry Mancini's instrumental "Hub caps & Tail lights".


The Cat Burglar

This fun striptease features classic safe cracking shenanigans.  Can be adapted for family friendly crowds.  Performed to Henry Mancini's famous "Pink Panther Theme".


Last Call

Originally created to pay homage to Goldie Hawn's 1985 Playboy cover, this fun act is your fancy white tails inspired fantasy.  Performed to Last Call by Ronnie Magri and the New Orleans Jazz Band.  


Date Night

A classic striptease with a surprise twist! Featuring a sparkly costume in shades of purple to a custom song mix.  


Penthouse Serenade

A Sally Rand inspired fan dance.  Created to be performed "nude" but can be adapted to perform for a family friendly audience.  Performed to a custom of Nat King Cole's instrumental "Penthouse Serenade".


Too Darn Hot

Coming Soon!