2016 Pinup Calendar Project

Ada Atomic, myself, and Bettie Bellini sharing a shocking secret

Ada Atomic, myself, and Bettie Bellini sharing a shocking secret

Since late last year, I have had the pleasure of being a part of The Retro Pinups.  The Retro Pinups is a community of models, photographers, and artists dedicated to celebrating the classic pinup art of the 1940s.  Right up my alley, right?

So I was thrilled when I was asked to help organize a Classic Pinup inspired calendar for 2016.  I gathered a few of my favorite pinup friends - Ada Atomic, Bettie Bellini, and Sadie North - and we launched a kickstarter campaign to help fund the project.  Check out the adorable video from the promo.

In addition to the social media publicity of the calendar project, there was also an article written in the Chicago Tribune.  We were elated when we reached our funding goal and could get started with the calendar project!

Those that helped fund the kickstarter campaign will be receiving so many goodies - in addition to a signed copy of the calendar.

Last weekend, we all got together and shot images for the 2016 calendar.  I had a blast with the ladies and our fabulous photographers.  I can't wait until the images are completed and we can get the calendars out to everyone who purchased already.

Here's a great image that won't make it into the calendar.  It will be available as a print this summer.

If you didn't get a chance to purchase a calendar during the promotional period, don't worry!  There will be plenty of opportunities this summer to come see The Retro Pinups at an event and get your calendar signed in person!  I'll be posting all of the events I'll be at on my Events page.