Get to Know Ruby: Favorite Chicago Vintage Stores

While online shopping is so easy - and definitely more beneficial for vintage shopping, there are some terrific vintage stores here in Chicago.  So, I figured in addition to my list of Etsy shops, I would also write a quick post about my top five vintage shopping locations in the Chicago area.

First up are not exactly store fronts.  They are vintage fairs/markets that take place monthly (during most of the year).  These are the best resources for clothes, accessories, furniture and other goodies.

Randolph Market - Almost every month on the fourth weekend

The Randolph Market is held at the Plumber's Union Hall on Randolph Street.  It is three floors of vintage sellers and during the summer months it is also outdoors in the parking lot.  It is the perfect place to check out some of my regular sellers that don't have store fronts.

Vintage Garage - Every third Sunday in April-October

Vintage Garage is a true "Flea Market" style shopping experience.  It takes place in a multi-level parking garage filled with vintage sellers.  Furniture, clothing, accessories!  It is another great opportunity to maximize your vintage shopping time.

Now, as far as store fronts, here are my favorite three.

Antique & Resale Shoppe

This store is small and outside the city limits, but it is bursting at the seams with costume jewelry and other vintage goodies.  My mom and I visited this shop last summer for the first time and spent HOURS browsing their jewelry and hats.  They have a small arrangement of clothing and other accessories.  They also have some household goods.  But their jewelry is really the reason to come to this shop!

Knee Deep Vintage

Knee Deep is a terrific vintage store in the Pilsen neighborhood.  They have a wide variety of eras in their shop.  Plan to take a couple of hours to browse through their well organized sections.  And don't forget to check out the back room where they keep the dressier (and older) items.  I'm found some great 50s day dresses here.

Market Supply Company

Market Supply Co.  is the store front for one of my favorite vintage stores, Dethrose Vintage.  It is different from your average vintage shop because it doesn't look like a vintage shop.  It looks like you are walking into an average boutique but all the clothing is vintage.  Typically more mid-century, they have lovely clothes here.