OOTD: DIY Circle Skirt

I decided this summer that I was going to start teaching myself how to sew.  I have sewn a few projects before, but I wanted to be able to make my own clothes to fill my wardrobe when I can't find what I'm looking for.  Also, it really helps supplement any vintage finds.

To start off, I decided to try my hand at a circle skirt.  You can get them at many stores, especially the vintage reproduction stores, but I wanted to be able to use vintage fabric that I may find and make something that was unique to me.  Plus, making things yourself is often times cheaper than buying things AND you know that it will fit!

I made a few "test" skirts that I will be showing you later (they are for a special event this summer - hint, hint) and then decided to try a few summer florals.  I found this gorgeous lilac pattern and this other lovely floral at Joann Fabrics.  You will see the other skirt in a future post, I'm sure.

To start the skirt, I used the Simplicity 1200 pattern but revised it for my needs.  For one, I knew that I couldn't work that pattern exactly as instructed because of the length needed for my height.  So I took the opportunity to add pockets.  Really, every skirt should have pockets.  Then, after my first two test skirts, I revised the length a bit and added more "circle" to the pattern.  It really became more of a trial and error test to get what I was happy with.  I think I figured out the perfect pattern for me.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out and was even more excited when I realized I had the perfect cardigan already in my wardrobe.

This is the outfit I wore to a BBQ last weekend.  I love a good purple outfit.

Cardigan - JCrew (old-  similar ), skirt - DIY, shoes -  Keds

Cardigan - JCrew (old- similar), skirt - DIY, shoes - Keds