The Retro Pinups 2016 Calendar

It's finally here!

I've mentioned the 2016 Calendar project back when the kicktstarter was going on and also shared some behind the scenes photos while waiting for the printing to be finished.  But now, I can finally share that the calendars are ready to go!

Boxes and boxes of calendars!

Boxes and boxes of calendars!

For everyone that purchased one during the kickstarter campaign, the autographed calendar will be in the mail soon!  (It takes some time to get all four ladies lovely signatures)

For those of you who haven't purchased one yet, there is still time!  Calendars will be available to purchase on The Retro Pinups' website.

BUT, if you are in the Chicago area, there are TWO opportunities in August where you can come and get your calendar signed IN PERSON with all the lovely ladies from the calendar.  Details about the dates (both in the third week of August) can be found on my Events page.  Come and get a calendar.  Take a picture with me and even pick up an autographed print.

Can't wait to share these with everyone!