Ruby does the Vintage Garage Chicago!

Hello there!!!

This past Sunday, I took advantage of the gorgeous September weather in Chicago to grab my gal pal, Sadie North, and head over to one of my favorite vintage shopping spots in the city, Vintage Garage Chicago.

Vintage Garage is one of my favorite shopping options because there are tons of vendors all in one place.  Do you want clothes? Furniture? Dishes? Accessories?  Anything you want, those vendors probably have.  So Sadie and I went in with empty arms and hopefully enthusiasm and we were not disappointed.

Photo by:  Courtney Michelle Photography

Photo by: Courtney Michelle Photography

Because of the garage layout, we decided to plot out the best route so that we saw everyone's booths - no small feat for sure!  Sadie and I were not on the hunt for anything in particular, which made our shopping that much more challenging.  There were so many amazing things....

Like this really cool light fixture and kitchy cocktail napkins from When Vintage

Or this adorable cow creamer and salt and pepper shakers from Bunny & Rita Vintage that I looked at twice.  I still regret not snagging those adorable things!

Also, while I'm talking about Bunny & Rita, can we have a moment to talk about all the wonderful vintage luggage that the vendors have.  I have a weakness for vintage luggage, and it's so hard for me to walk past without giving it good consideration - as you can see by my examination of this small case that Bunny & Rita had.

In addition to local IL vendors, they also have visitors from nearby states.  I seriously considered this amazing Lane Cedar Chest from Bathing Beauty Antiques that they brought over from Michigan.  If only I had the room to store it while I am transitioning living situations...

Trying to refocus back to more practical things, Sadie and I tried on a whole slew of vintage glasses, many deadstock from the fellas at Odd MOFO.  For a gal who doesn't need to wear glasses (yet), I have serious glasses envy and cannot resist trying on a pair or two...or three.

The Curated Cave had an entire set of these foliage glasses that are the same style as some that my grandparents own.  I love seeing things in the wild that remind me of my childhood.

If you are searching for a furniture piece that fits your decor and keep striking out, there are also great vendors like Common Order, who can build it for you.  I was admiring this bench that he build.  If only I had a place for it!

And winner of the kitchiest, most random item found at the Vintage Garage - as voted by both Sadie and myself - goes to Scavenged P-ARTS for this gum holder?!  I have no words - a gum parker.

I promise, in the 3 hours we were there shopping, both Sadie and I purchased PLENTY!

Sadie found some Halloween decorations (I apologize I don't remember the vendor) that she claimed she absolutely needed for her apartment.  The fates aligned for this purchase!

I found this adorable coral dress from Little Susie Vintage - as you can tell by my "Oh my God, how cute is this?" face, this one went home with me.  This will be a great transitional piece for Chicago fall.

I also picked up this pretty green dress with angora trim from Rose Schreier.  It is going to be the perfect dress for this year's holiday party!

Speaking of clothing, I found the perfect long black nightgown from Retrofit Vintage Goods & Clothing that was exactly what I needed for an upcoming photo shoot!  And for $10, it felt too good to be true.  As I was paying for it, a piece of luggage caught my eye (I told you I love luggage).  It was an amazing Samsonite train case in terrific condition.  Linnea said it has belonged to her mother.  Never one to pass up a train case that includes all the pieces inside, I snagged that as well.

On our way back down the ramp, Sadie and I both scored purchases from Narrative Merchantile.  She found a globe that would fit her apartment decor perfectly and I got this amazing silk scarf.  Not only did they have adorable things (like tv dinner trays that I was eyeing) but Jen and Jonathan were so amazing, they let us keep all of our bags of goodies behind their booth while we continued to shop!!

Just as I was announcing to Sadie that I needed to start looking for Christmas records, we rounded the corner and came upon Audio Archaeology.  Not only did I score a couple Christmas records, but I had a very nice conversation about jazz and big band albums with the store owner.  Time to plan a trip up to their brick & mortar store before the holidays.

By the time 12:30pm rolled around, Sadie and I were heavy with purchases, hungry for lunch, and overwhelmed by all the amazing things!  I tried my best to highlight the variety that Vintage Garage offers, but I know I missed several great finds and vendors.

Super shout out to my girl, Sadie, for spending the morning with me.  We found so many goodies, we are already plotting our next visit!!

If you are in the Chicago area, you should definitely check out Vintage Garage.  It really is a one-stop-shop!  There are two chances left before the end of the season.  October 16th is the final regular season show and then there will be a holiday show on November 20th.  I will be making sure I bring my rolling cart next time!