Atlanta Pinup Scene

Back to blogging after a crazy few weeks from work!  The great part about traveling for work was that I had an opportunity to visit with a pinup friend down in Atlanta.  She also organized a shoot while I was there.  I thought I'd give a shout out to the lovely people down in Atlanta that are keeping that pinup scene alive and well!

As soon as I knew when I would be heading down to Atlanta, I reached out to my friend down here, Miss Penny Rouge.  We had met last winter in Denver when we both competed in the 1940's Ball Miss Vintage Contest.  I was looking forward to meeting up with her in her hometown.  She did ALL of the legwork in putting together a really fun shoot while I was there.

She was able to wrangle in David Hobbs Photography to be our excellent photographer and secured a really cool location - The Dixie Pinup Studios.  If you are ever in Atlanta (or you live there) I definitely suggest looking them up.  The Dixie Pinup Studios is an ADORABLE mid-century modern home that has all sorts of rooms that make great backdrops for your shooting needs.

I snuck in a few selfies while we were there - like this one.

Also, stolen from Penny's instagram account, this selfie with our amazing photographer.

I've got some great photos, some posted below, but all you will be able to see if you are following me on Facebook and Instagram.  Some will even be published in January - so stay tuned!

Check out my new Atlanta friends on Facebook so you can stay in touch with them as well!

David Hobbs Photography, Penny Rouge and Dixie Pinup Studios

Penny and I having fun at the Tiki Bar

Penny and I having fun at the Tiki Bar