OOTD: Celebrating my birthday

This past Friday was my birthday and I had plenty of vintage/retro activities planned.  Because of that, I was able to wear the new dress I made - which I'm excited to show you.

On Friday, my friend Erin was taking me to dinner and then over to a local retro bar with a great tiki patio.  Dinner was at a local Asian restaurant, Wasabi, and the retro bar is also a neighborhood favorite, The Orbit Room.  I decided to wear my new handmade dress (which I had first worn the week prior for an early birthday dinner with my aunt)

Dinner at Joey Gerard's supper club - classic booth, classic decor, classic meal

Dinner at Joey Gerard's supper club - classic booth, classic decor, classic meal

To make this dress, I used Simplicity Pattern #1194.  The pattern calls for a heavier (or fancier) fabric, but I wanted something a bit more casual.  I also wanted to use the rayon I had left -something I had bought at a previous fabric sale.  I used pattern C for this dress.

Simplicity pattern #1194

Simplicity pattern #1194

Being that this was my first time making a full dress (not counting a Halloween costume over five years ago), there are definitely some areas that need improvement.  However, for me it works and now I know what areas I want to try to tweak and adjust the next time I use this pattern.  I also know where my "problem" areas are for when I make another dress.  A dress form would definitely help - time to add it to the wishlist.

Overall, I really like it and see myself wearing it often.  For my birthday dinner I paired it with a pair of nude Bandolino sandals (the most comfortable shoes ever) and a purple hair flower.

dress: handmade, shoes:  DSW , hair flower:  Nicocco Creations

dress: handmade, shoes: DSW, hair flower: Nicocco Creations

Birthday celebrations continued on Saturday, when a best friend from college came into town and spent the day with me.  We spent some time roasting in the heat in my backyard and then headed out to dinner at Gyu Kaku downtown.  Its been ages since I was at a Japanese BBQ and we had a great time at dinner!  After dinner, we grabbed a drink at Sable Kitchen & Bar (one of my favorites in the city) and then up to a Vaudezilla Burlesque show.

Since it was another hot day out, and we were going to see a burlesque show, I decided to wear my light weight circle skirt and crop top that is reproduction vintage.  Hair up and with a hair flower, my outfit was complete!

skirt:  Top Vintage , top:  Doll Me Up (similar)  , shoes:  DSW , large hair flower:  Nicocco Creations , small hair flower: DIY by me

skirt: Top Vintage, top: Doll Me Up (similar) , shoes: DSW, large hair flower: Nicocco Creations, small hair flower: DIY by me

Sunday rounded out my birthday activities with a shopping trip to the Vintage Garage where I picked up an amazing '40s skirt and a suitcase in pristine condition.

I had a wonderful birthday weekend and it was the perfect way to transition into the last half of the summer.


OOTD: DIY Circle Skirt

I decided this summer that I was going to start teaching myself how to sew.  I have sewn a few projects before, but I wanted to be able to make my own clothes to fill my wardrobe when I can't find what I'm looking for.  Also, it really helps supplement any vintage finds.

To start off, I decided to try my hand at a circle skirt.  You can get them at many stores, especially the vintage reproduction stores, but I wanted to be able to use vintage fabric that I may find and make something that was unique to me.  Plus, making things yourself is often times cheaper than buying things AND you know that it will fit!

I made a few "test" skirts that I will be showing you later (they are for a special event this summer - hint, hint) and then decided to try a few summer florals.  I found this gorgeous lilac pattern and this other lovely floral at Joann Fabrics.  You will see the other skirt in a future post, I'm sure.

To start the skirt, I used the Simplicity 1200 pattern but revised it for my needs.  For one, I knew that I couldn't work that pattern exactly as instructed because of the length needed for my height.  So I took the opportunity to add pockets.  Really, every skirt should have pockets.  Then, after my first two test skirts, I revised the length a bit and added more "circle" to the pattern.  It really became more of a trial and error test to get what I was happy with.  I think I figured out the perfect pattern for me.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out and was even more excited when I realized I had the perfect cardigan already in my wardrobe.

This is the outfit I wore to a BBQ last weekend.  I love a good purple outfit.

Cardigan - JCrew (old-  similar ), skirt - DIY, shoes -  Keds

Cardigan - JCrew (old- similar), skirt - DIY, shoes - Keds

OOTD: Hopefully the first of many

I would like to start an Outfit Of The Day series here.  The only problem is it is just me, so I need to improvise on photos so you don't all have to see a 1,000 selfies in a mirror. :)  Instead, you get self timed photos from my camera phone until I improve my technology.

So please bear with me while the photos improve.  In the meantime...

I wanted to share my outfit for the other night.  I had a work function to go to and finally got the opportunity to wear my new vintage apron skirt from Bowbari.  (She is also frequently at the Randolph Market for those of you in the Chicago area.)

Shirt: Express, skirt: vintage, Pants: Jcrew Minnie Pants, shoes: Nine West (old)

Unfortunately, I was rushing and didn't get a picture of the back of the skirt.  It's open (like an apron) and has a very large bow from the ties.  I'll try to get a photo next time.

Minus working out the kinks, here's hoping OOTD posts become a regular thing.