mermaid swim

Ruby becomes a Mermaid for a morning!

Being a summer babe, I LOVE the water.  I was an active swimmer as a kid and was really excited to give mermaid swimming a try!

Aqua Mermaid,, is a Chicago company that offers kids and adults the opportunity to swim like a mermaid!  So, I snagged my friend Maura Trouble and we headed out this past Sunday morning to get our mermaid on.

The first thing you do is get fitted for your tail.  Don't worry, they accommodate everyone - even us 6ft tall mermaids!  The tail includes the fin and a soft fabric overlay.  It took a minute to get used to not have two legs for swimming and balance.  You can even buy your own tail if you want to perfect your swimming.

Once we all have our tails on, they showed us a handful of mermaid swimming techniques and even some fun paired swimming tricks.  When we got our "mermaid legs", we headed down to the deep end of the pool to work on some flips and tricks.

After an hour in the pool, I was tired - it's quite a workout and lots of fun!  

Here's a pic from our morning in the pool!