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Get to Know Ruby: Her Favorite Modern Day Pinup

Photo from  Dita's Website

Photo from Dita's Website

Since I started this blog series last week with my iconic pinup, I thought it only fitting to follow that up with my favorite modern day pinup.  Pinup is seeing a surging revival right now and I think a big portion of it can be accredited to Dita Von Teese.

She is spectacularly fabulous - in every way!

Photo from   Dita's Website

Photo from Dita's Website

A midwesterner, like myself, her love of vintage was fostered by her mother... not unlike mine!  (Are you seeing a theme here?)  She has a self-proclaimed obsession with vintage lingerie and a legitimate classic car collection.

Dita is famous for her 1940s glamour look and her collection of vintage.  She's always known for bringing back the classic style burlesque.  If you ever get an opportunity to go and see her show, I highly recommend it.  It is worth the price!

Photo from   Dita's Website

Photo from Dita's Website

She looks flawless all the time and I'm truly inspired by her.  

All photos from her website and you can find more Dita information on her Wikipedia page.

Get to Know Ruby: Her Favorite Iconic Pinup

Ernestine Jane Geraldine Russell - Born June 21, 1921; Died February 28, 2011    Source:   IMDB.com

Ernestine Jane Geraldine Russell - Born June 21, 1921; Died February 28, 2011  Source: IMDB.com

I love a good brunette bombshell, so of course, my favorite iconic pinup would be Jane Russell.

Jane is gorgeous - just look at that photo (one of my favorites of her)!!

Her first film was thanks to Howard Hughes - The Outlaw (1943).  She was cast into a character designed to show off her "ample" assets.  It was actually filmed in 1941 but took two years to pass the censorships!  With curvy measurements (38D - 24 - 36), she definitely did have assets.  She was 5'7, which made her more statuesque than most of the other silver screen sirens.   Being 6ft myself, I can sure imagine how she felt - towering over those petite ladies.

This picture (below) is the famous promotional image for The Outlaw that made Jane a favorite among servicemen during World War II.

Source:   IMDB.com

Source: IMDB.com

 She was in more than 25 films, but is best known for her role as Dorothy Shaw  in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)with Marilyn Monroe.  This is my favorite film of Jane's because it showcases a very funny, sarcastic personality.  She plays perfectly against Marilyn's "ditsy" character.

Source:   IMDB.com

Source: IMDB.com

Jane, always appealed to me in that "I'm different from anyone else, and that's ok" vibe.  She was smart and driven and took care of her family.

She is the sassy, leggy brunette that I try to emulate.  

Biography information and photos source: IMDB.com